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Antonio Montemurro

Two heterogeneous cities with separate histories and belonging to different cultures have found a common point around the Art blending their own cultural expressions. Indeed, Lille and Wroclaw have in common the title European Capital of Culture; Lille held the title in the 2004 and Wroclaw is the current ECoC: one of the main goals of the EU project is to create relationship, mostly based on the past and present cultural heritage, sharing of similarities and differences between traditional features to create a result of a wider and stronger cross-borders festival, art pieces and events.

From the 17th to the 20th of November 2016, the “Lille meets Wroclaw” festival will present art and artists from Lille to the Wroclaw audience which will collaborate with Polish artists. The cities show themselves and mutually promote the French culture in Poland and Polish’s in France.

The collaboration is a consequence of the cultural, intangible legacy created by “Lille 3000” – an ECoC 2004 project – that fosters the local artworks and – every two years – promotes the French artists all around the Europe. On the other side, Wroclaw has on its creative ground, a cultural association that has a natural inclination to jump beyond borders: Avant Art has always presented its festival in other European countries such as Germany or Austria and not only, crossing the continental borders, going to Turkey (2013), Russia (2016) and hosting the Japanese technologic-art during the last festival edition at the beginning of October 2016.

Poland and France started the collaboration in 2015 when the Avant Art main organizers Kostas Geourgepoulos and Marie Magneron organized in Lille a series of artistic acts collaborating with Muzzix under the project named “Avant Art Festival Pologne France”. And the 2016 “Lille meets Wroclaw” just follows the connection already established and will make a continuum of new Polish-French artistic initiatives, cooperations and connection. New because leads to original outcomes. Stronger because based on two-sided views and organizational efforts. Deeper because aware of similarities and differences of the two countries and the related cultures.

All along the festival days, the special installation-performance ‘Domicile’ by Ben Mills will be host at the Kino Nowe Horyzonty and a series of film, postcards, drawings and will be shown at Łokietka 5 – Infopunkt Nadodrze as part of Pop Up Artconnexion.

Ben Mill's Domicile - Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
Ben Mill’s Domicile – Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival

Among the program of activities, it’s worthy to underline:

  • Sometimes …” is an experimental art exhibition co-produced with A-I-R Wro open since Friday 18 November. Three artists will showcase their artworks: Philemon Vanorlé (FR) uses a conceptual art to study, analyze the urban environment, its space and social practices.  Krystian Truth Czaplicki (PL) focuses on the approach, both physically as well as emotionally, to the objects and sculptures.  Léonie Young (FR) photographer and supporter for young artists at ‘La Malterie’. Kama Sokolnicka (PL) author of collages, paintings, drawings, video installations and site-specific works linked to process such as the perception of space as the image memory function, the need for orientation in the environment. 

    Léonie Young - Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
    Léonie Young – Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival
  • Kilogram - Kama Sokolnicka - Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
    Kilogram – Kama Sokolnicka – Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival
  • Saturday 19 at UFFF: TOC – a trio with Peter Orins (Muzzix director) on drums, Jérémie Ternoy on Fender Rhodes and Ivann Cruz on guitar – will create an hybrid music style with bearings of post-rock, psychedelia, experimental pop and hard jazz The after show will feature the great Lille-based label Tandori Record and an electro music party for the late night.
TOC - Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
TOC – Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival
  • Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 at the ‘Instytut Grotowskiego‘: Theatre du Nord will perform « All my life I’ve done things I didn’t make » which had a great success this year in the Avignon Festival.
Theatre du Nord - Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
Theatre du Nord – Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival
  • Sunday 20 at Kino Nowe Horyzonty: for the project ‘Rencontres Internationales’ will be played a bunch of French short movie. Will follow the Bruno Dumont’s ‘Ma Loute’.
Recto Verso - short movie at Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
Recto Verso – short movie at Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival

Very valuable is the contribution from A-I-R Wro, the program of residency conducted in the framework of the European Capital of Culture – Wroclaw 2016. It aims to create an international platform that will enable artists, curators, animators, managers, organizations and institutions as well as cooperation exchange of experiences, practices, ideas and knowledge as well as facilitate the development of cultural ties across borders. Two new projects for ‘Lille meets Wroclaw’:

1. Poland, France and Germany co-produced a music project between A-I-R Wro, Avant Art, Muzzix, Jazz am Rhein: ad-lib and experimental trio EFET consisting of Cruz, Zoubek, Witkowski had various shows in Lille at the Muzzix & Associates festival, at the Vive Le Jazz in Cologne and the next performance will be on Thursday 17 November at Łokietka 5, Wroclaw,

2. A video mapping show is the outcome of a residence where five Artists from Poland, France and the UK will present a video mapping work on sculptures shown at ASP (Akademia Sztuk Pieknych) on Saturday 19. The premise of his work is to challenge the physical, emotional and mental abilities of man by creating work that is characterized by lack of harmony.

Video Mapping - Lille meets Wroclaw - Avant Art Festival
Video Mapping – Lille meets Wroclaw – Avant Art Festival

The festival will also include a series of meetings with the artists, workshops (for kids) and DJ-sets with around 20 art events located in several venues around the city of Wroclaw: Kino Nowe Horyzonty, Instytut Grotowskiego, CeTA, UFFF, Miejsce przy Miejscu, Galeria Dia , MD_S, Łokietka 5 – Infopunkt Nadodrze, Ip Studio, Studio BWA, ASP, Alliance Française.

“Lille Meets Wroclaw” , 17 – 20 November 2016

Check the complete program HERE

Avant Art Festival
Avant Art Festival


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