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"Roundabout is the optimal solution to identify the right influencers for the Poormanger format, the niche sought and in line with the various promotional objectives. The profiles involved, in addition to the excellent performance in terms of social results, enjoy a production of images, videos, and storytelling of excellent quality. Very useful the possibility to customize your Storytelling: the one activated in the campaign for Poormanger has generated traffic and interest both in our social channels and in our restaurants."
Daniele Regoli
Founder Poormanger
"We work with micro-influencers all over Europe, but I must say that on the Italian market we have found a platform that continues to give us real confidence. “
skinlabo for roundabout
Manuela Muratore
CMO Skinlabo
"In a year of work, we managed to move from Brand awareness, to drive to store in the cities where we are operating, to drive to the e-store thanks to micro influencers profiled geographically and niche sector. All this, being able to always have the control of the entire process at costs dimensioned on our company. Thanks to this we have moved to reach customers from hyper-local promotions in Turin to all over Italy."
bio bottega influencer roundabout
Elisa Druetta
E-commerce Manager Bio Bottega
"With Roundabout we worked on the presentation of our brand, its unique characteristics, and the great value of the territory that gave life to our products. Not only have we been able to engage micro-influencers targeted geographically and sectorially, but we have also been able to control and manage the entire experiences, expeditions and editorial plan of every single zero effort campaign. All strictly traced out!"
pian della mussa micro influencer roundabout
Alessio Brero
Co-Founder Pian della Mussa

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